This year, 2021 was the first year that Valdosta State University has hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Art Show open to the entire University to enter. When they first announced it I somehow immediately knew the direction that I wanted to go in. Over the summer, my Phi Mu sorority sister, Sarah Jane shared her story with me about how people have started treating her differently since the pandemic. I hurt for her and other Asian Americans that are dealing with the same struggle. I never thought when we had that conversation it would inspire me to create a piece about it, but I’m so glad that it did. The piece is titled, "I Am Not To Blame", because there is no reason to place any blame on an individual person because of their skin color. Sarah Jane has lived in the United States since she was adopted as a one year old. Her adopted parents, both white, have raised her and her biological sister ever since. Her adopted father would tell her, "You are just as American as us", she never understood that until now. 

I’m thankful for Valdosta State’s Day of Inclusion and their Humanities Art Show. My only wish is that the show could’ve lasted more than one day. If you are interested in seeing the virtual walk through of the show you can find it on instagram via the Valdosta State Art & Design page (@valdostaartdesign).

I pray that this piece can hopefully raise awareness for issues that make such a negative impact on Asian Americans. I love you Sarah Jane, thank you for being my model, inspiration and for being such an amazing friend.