Over the past several months, I have had access to a printmaking studio where I have been able to experiment with different mediums from what I am accustomed to. I had the freedom to experiment with any technique of my choosing. I choose to focus my studies on drypoint printing using plexiglass plates and monoprinting. While enjoyed experimenting with different ways to monoprint, I fell in love with the way I could tightly render a landscape or subject matter using drypoint. The process is much different from my oil or watercolor paintings, yet highly influence by my pen drawings. By using a scribe, I was able to lightly etch into the plate for the areas I wanted to appear in the distance, while using dark concentrated line work in the foreground to create depth. The rendering of the presence of light on landscape was a highly important aspect of the majority of my prints! Therefore I used the A la poupee method which is an intaglio printmaking technique that allows me to apply different colored inks in different areas of the plate manually. I then blended the inks, in this case yellow ochre and burnt umber, to create the presence of light and dark areas. The message behind this DryPoint print, "Daily Brilliance," is a sign of hope that even after the sun is gone today it will rise again tomorrow. It also represents the time of day that brings me the most inspiration. It displays brilliance through its luminosity and contrast in areas that light no longer touches.