Artist Statement: Emotional Paralysis is an abstract piece that has pulled me out of my comfort zone. It was a piece that honestly helped me express what I was going through on that specific day that I created it. (Side note: I am a very thankful person for all that I have been given in life and I have a pretty wonderful life to be quite honest. That does not mean that I have perfect mental health.) Over the past year, I have tried to talk about my mental struggles as much as possible through my art and to those around me. I found that a lot of the people I talk to, especially us creatives, deal with some of the same struggles. Yet, there is only so much that I can say with words to explain how I feel on the inside. I am very blessed that the Lord has given me artistic expression as a way that I can communicate my internal battles. Emotional Paralysis is a self-portrait of the state of being emotionally frazzled, yet, completely and utterly unable to express it physically. I used all of my emotion through this piece. I could not physically cry, yet, I allowed the hot wax and oil paint to drip as if it was crying for me. The wax allowed me to use mark making and etching as a way to further express my thoughts and visual imagery in my head. I pray that this piece helps someone know they are not alone. The devil truly tries to use my internal battles against me, but through God’s grace and faithfulness I do not fight these battles alone.

“Emotional Paralysis”, Oil & Encaustic, 24”x30”