Spiritual Messengers is about a serene and intimate relationship with God, self and creation. It encompasses the journey through grief and stages of losing a loved one. It sheds light on the last stage, acceptance, after enduring the dreadful stages of denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Spiritual Messengers uses the symbolism of the cardinal as a messenger sent from Heaven, a spiritual place of eternal life and prosperity with Jesus Christ. The cardinal is said to represent a deceased loved one at peace resting alongside the Lord, because of His promise of eternal life. The open palm reaching out to creation is a sign of this acceptance and the feeling of overwhelming peace and comfort. I created this print to be a sign to embrace the new beginnings ahead and to have faith in the Blood of Christ.

Drypoint with Top roll, 18”x 15”

My Plexiglass Plate Etch Before Adding Ink and Printing

Drypoint, 18”x 15”